Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are ideal window shades for any room in the home. The SLX Evolution Collection offers you the perfect range of fabrics to choose from, with high end silks for living rooms, stylish blackouts for bedrooms and moisture resistant prints for bathrooms and kitchens.

  • Topanga Tango_Image_1
  • Silver Birch Shadow_Image _1
  • Camarillo Rhumba_Image_1
  • Cherry Blossom Geisha_Image_1
  • Fracture Cloud_Image_1
  • Rio Breton Blue Roller Blind
  • Collina Diamond Dust
  • Como Ocra Roller Blind
  • Mira Saffron Roller Blind
  • Rio Chelsea Red Roller Blind
  • Rio Pomegranate Roller Blind
  • Night Night Roller Blind_Closed
  • Rio Chartreuse Roller Blind1
  • Tuileries Blossom Roller Blind
  • SLX_Tuleries Spring Roller Blind

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