Ready Made Curtains

The SLX collection of Ready Made Curtains presents a delightful medley of design, texture and colour which are just perfect to make a style statement in any room.Designed and created using high quality fabrics and superior protective linings, we work very closely with great textile mills to produce beautiful designs that are exclusive to SLX, opening a wealth of possibilities for any interior design scheme.

  • Zig Zag Warm Grey
  • Carrara Carbon
  • Bloom Seafoam
  • Bloom Saffron
  • Fern Natural
  • Marble Oxford
  • Marble-Parchment-Ready-Made-Curtains-from-SLX
  • Fern Silver
  • Octagon Blossom
  • Reflections Cobalt
  • Trail Oxford
  • Octagon Silver
  • Trail Pewter
  • Marble-Azure-Ready-Made-Curtains-from-SLX
  • Watecrolour Rose
  • Watercolour Biscotti
  • Reflections Mimosa
  • Studio-Seal-Ready-Made-Curtains-from-SLX
  • Emotion-Sterling
  • Watercolour Platinum
  • Zig Zag Indigo
  • Mosaic Parchment
  • Reflections Flax

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